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Entering the game

  • First, I'd like any player to register to the site :) This is not a game step, but you wont access the Arena otherwise. Its very simple, click on "Login" in the top menu, fill in the "new user" part and click on register. You will receive a password to be used to login to the site. You can login afterwards and change your password at any time on the same page. Access the game by clicking on Arena in the top title.

  • Step 1 Create a character : go on the Character page, and select the option to create. The process is very straightforward and classical. When the character is alive, you can access the other parts, Town and Story

  • Step 2 Any action you make is linked to a visit or a selection on the town map. Click around, enter the shops, have a look !

  • Step 3 Current actions you can do include buying equipment -in shops- and fighting other characters -in the arena or the tavern-, try them out !
A Warrior prepares to fight

The Arena hosts all Tournaments