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Gameplay as of : Beta 1.0
27th october 2000
  • Create a character : choose race, class, attributes, and initial talents (not final)
  • Tour in the city and enter buildings
  • Buy weapons and armors
  • Provoke fights with any other character (it has to be accepted), and resolve them
  • Register in a tournament, and play it (and win it !)
  • Create battle tactics (not final), change them, select one for training, learn new elements
  • Read you story getting written along the way
  • You can establish a planning of your actions
  • You gain experience from fights, change levels, and can buy talents and increase attributes
  • Wounds and damage need tests and time to be recovered (death leaves a penalty)
  • Most talents are implemented for melee combat, including those needing karma
  • A few basic spells are implemented and the magic system is working
  • Battles can be limited to first hit / first wound / knockout / death
  • Bids on tournaments fights and planned-ahead duels (bid values fixed)
  • Click on a character sprite = send him a message
  • Chat in buildings ! NPCs can answer keywords in chat window

Objectives of the Final version 1.0
End of the year 2000 ?
  • Character's general attitude towards battles
  • Building owner, daily agenda, day/night presence/absence
    To Do
  • Implement the rest of spells and talents
  • Help text and races/classes description
  • Quicker character creation, more roleplay (choose race then dropped in, have to train attributes and initial talents)
  • Battle tactics full and in tuning
  • Extended battle report (accessed as an animated replay)
  • Gain fame and celebrity, used as main ranking
  • Evaluate your adversary to know his basic stats
  • Career system complete, with all talents implemented
  • You can train talents for slow increase
  • Buy potions and magical stuff
  • NPCs move around with their agenda, sell stuff, train you, heal you, bid, fight in tournaments
  • Characters can create tournaments -with their money-
Depending on server workload, players will be called in at this point.

Even more ideas
Sometime in the future
  • Fight against monsters, fight in groups, and groups vs groups
  • Enter dungeon in teams, playing one room per day
  • Reaching high levels need writing a background for the character
  • Leave the city to explore the country, protect caravans, discover new cities
  • Players can buy city buildings and open shops, schools or guilds
  • Players can create new cities and trade posts, or mines
  • Players need to write their background to progress through high levels
  • Weapons will need regular repairs and will be able to receive improvements
  • Buy ingredients and create potions and spells
  • Trade goods between cities, participate in cities growth, build your fortune
  • Weather system ? 8)
  • Describe suffered wounds, with specific penalties

Graphical development
  • One graphic sketch per race, with layer for the class, and layer for readied weapons and armors
  • Harmonize buildings rendering, shadows and plane
  • Have a different background brightness for each period of the day
  • Graphic for each hour with sun and moon phases
  • One building for each period of the day, with shadows and torches (animations ?) for the night
  • Small flags to add on the arena when a tournament takes place
  • "Sand" graphic patch to draw roads in the town
  • Animation system for battle reports with different races, attacks, and effects
  • Sprites for Hall of Fame, Bids, Planning links, tournaments backgrouns, battle bids