New chess

Here is a variant game of chess.

It's based on the european model, on the chinese chess, and on the japanese one. These two are not well known in Europe, but they are excellent.

I've tried here to keep the good points of each, and to add a few elements, as the king variant. These rules have been written a long time ago, at least 10 years, but they add a new flavour to the world of chess.

The board is 10 squares by 10 squares, without mandatory color switch. The first 3 lines of each side are the player's land, where his pieces are initially positionned.

Each player begins with :

  • 2 different kings K
  • 2 gold generals G
  • 2 towers T
  • 2 fools F
  • 2 horses H
  • 2 cannons C
  • 2 sergeants S
  • 6 pawns P

Initial layout

. C . . . . . . C .
P . P S P P S P . P
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
P . P S P P S P . P
. C . . . . . . C .

The objective is the same as in each chess game : to block the enemy king, where he is not anymore able to move without entering in an area where an enemy piece can move in, his own square already being attacked.

There is a change here : each player has two kings. Before the game begins, he chooses which one will be his "true" king and write it on a paper. The other king will only be the "brother". When a king is chess mated, you look at the paper : whether its the true king, and the game is won, or its the brother, and the player will have to pay a price to take him back (the brother is taken out of the game). The price can be : a tower, a fool, a cannon, two sergeants, four pawns. The loser chooses from his pieces on the board, and gives it to the enemy. A piece can be put back in play at any time, in the player's land, but the piece cannot threaten an enemy when coming back. This counts for one turn.

Moves :

Each move can be an attack (except for the pawn), the square being occupied by an enemy piece. The move is then normal, but the enemy is taken out of the game. The kings cannot be taken, when they are threatened they are said to be "chess" and have to move out to avoid the chess. If they cannot move out of the chess they are said chess mated.

  • The kings can move on any square around them.
  • The golden generals can move on the square in front, on the front diagonals, on the square behind, and on the sides.
  • Towers, horses move exactly like in european chess, as do fools ans pawns before their knighting :
  • Tower : without limit on a line or column
  • Fools : without limit on diagonals
  • Horses : one square in front, behind or on the sides, then one on a diagonal. Horses dont get blocked by pieces when reaching their goal.
  • Pawns : one square in front, they can attack only on a front diagonal.
  • Cannons : if they a friendly or enemy piece on the same line or column, they can jump above this piece, and land after it, and even attack this way.
  • Sergeants : in front of them, and on the diagonals in front.

Knighting :

When reaching the enemy land, some pieces can be knighted :

  • fools play like queens of the european game : no limit on line, column and diagonals.
  • sergeants become golden generals.
  • pawns become silver generals : they can move as sergeants, and on the square behind them.

Roque :

As in european chess, each king and the tower of the same side can get one square closer, and switch their position, given the squares between them are free. This counts for a turn.

Double chess :

As there is two kings, there can be a double chess ! In this case the player moves one of the kings (his choice), and in the next turn he has to move the other one, if he is still "chess".