The Jungle project is ambitious, as the goal is to create a realistical ecological environment, in order to follow the developments and conflicts between all races, vegetal or animal.

You should be able to deal with parameters in a closed ecosystem, with values for lighting, heat, soil fertility, sun rythms, meteorology, and so on, and to put species in. Each one will have a behavior as close to the reality as possible, and will try to survive. As the surveillance will only be for short periods of time (a few years), no evolution or mutation shall take place. But all feeding processes, like prey or predator, life cycles, and all known life principals would be taken into account.

The goal is not to make a game. A few aspects could be modified to put some fun, but reality would have to be hurt for that. A game like Evolution proves it would be too unreal or not enough fun. The objective is then to do a simulation of an ecosystem, preferably graphical...

I've begun to gather documents on the matter, especially with the encyclopedia universalis, and I measured the difficulty. But the project is still on my mind !

While we are on the subject, you will now discover the meaning of life.

A comment or an idea on the subject ?