This mahjjong is the classic puzzle version of the chinese game. It is a nice hobby, where you need to do some observing, and maybe a bit of organization, when a logical set of moves are to be done in order to get out of some trouble..

Rules :

Twin pieces or double twin pieces are set on a board. The goal is to remove them all. To do that, you need to move a piece to its twin over the board. When you achieve it, they will both disappear. You can make as many moves as you want, but only two changes of direction are allowed. You just have to click on the first piece, verify the move is legal to the twin, and click on the twin. The game will do the moves or tell you it is not legal to the rules. If you want to take another piece, have a right click.

I've included 6 difficulty levels, but they are mostly longer to resolve. You get a help at any time by hitting H, you can also understand the rules this way.

If you are blocked but want to know if any move is still possible, hit T. The game will tell you then, but you can be in a blocked situation.

You can solve the mahjjong by hitting S.

You can change the set of piece by selecting "change tile set" in the options menu, and by clicking on one of the two sets coming with the game. The rules stay unmodified.

As for now, time limit and scoring are not yet working.

You can download it here (zip file, 31 ko) :