Mighty Realms

Realms Beta Test

Mighty Realms is a boardgame in a medieval fantasy setting. The players rule a kingdom, they manage and expand it, move armies into battle and crush enemies. The game is somewhat complex, is time demanding, and so is mostly for experienced players.

It is a mix of the old game from Games Workshop, Mighty Empires, copyrighted by GW, and of Warhammer Realms, written by a GW employee, being itself very much similar to Mighty Empires. So logically, the Games Workshop system is still the bulk, but major upgrades have been made. The GW copyright is clear, for this game is not commercial.

The upgrade has been made by Fabrice Cambounet and Frédéric Dabard.

Characters and armies are dealt with in a way to keep at the closest to Warhammer Battle (also a copyright by Games Workshop). They dont have to be as precise as in the Battle system. If a conflict seems particularly interesting to the players, moving to the figurines game should be easy, by selecting logical armies. Some events in the game justify the use of special troops, as for monsters.

As for now, the rules are only available in French, sorry. We intend to translate them, but if you think this task is at your liking, please write us, your name will then be added to the credits. Cheers.

Probably by the time we try to translate to english, we will also make up a computer version of the game, so it can played as an email game, with a system very much similar to Stars!. Stay tuned.

So you can download the french version of the complete rules, TXT format, not really nice, but really small (zip file 29ko) :
you can also download the hexagons you need to make up a map (gif zip file 89ko):
With all the hexagons you can make up a map for around 6 players.

I have a Word 97 version of the rules, much prettier and with graphics, but its heavy (2 mo), if you are interested, write me.