Who are we ?
Where do we come from ?
Where are we going ?
What is your best memory ?
What is your worst memory ?
Where would you like to live ?
How does future look like ?
Do you know happiness ? How would you describe it ?
Why are axethrowing-trolls of Warcraft 2 so powerful ?
Would you like to write your autobiography ?
What was the most important event of this century that you would have liked to live ?
Are you optimistic considering mankind's future and why ?
How much is a pint of milk ?
What is your idea of heaven on earth ?
Where do you go after death ?
How far is "too far" ?
Do you like to answer this type of question and why ? What is man's main characteristic ?
To which question would you like to know the answer ?
Is there something for which you would give your life, if so what, if not why ?
What are the things you have to do in a life ?
Things you shouldnt do ?
Are materialism and individualism to be hated ?
Isnt madness the best way ?
Can life itself be put in a model ?
How do you become rich ?
What is the meaning of life ?
Does France Telecom management think we are a bunch of dumbasses ?
What is the best system for the society ?
How should the Robotic Law Zero be followed ?
Is there a beginning before the end ?
How do you make sure the world is not an illusion, other people not a creation from your mind ?
Why the end of gold-dollar conversion on august the 15th, 1971 ?
Why Patrick Sébastien ?
Is everything really relative ?
Is science's goal to discover, to control, to invent, to help or to hope ?
Why didnt mankind follow Plato's advice : "Know yourself, and leave nature for the gods" ?
Isnt the langage frontier the most important one ?
Did everyone's way of life really improve over 2000 years ?
Is technology and progress the answer to evolution ?
Is forgetting the most dreadul thing, or a necessary mean ?
Was the world created by a "powerful being" ?
Are social inequalities terrible, unavoidable, or better ?
What is best : power to the people, to the State, or to the companies ?
Is time flowing ?
Where are the 100 billion dead of the last 3 million years ?
Does history have a meaning ?
Can you be at peace with yourself ?
Can you be at peace with others ?
Is art the last reach of mankind's possibilities ?
If you could give 10 years for 10 million $ would you do it ?
Isnt fear of what's different the fear of oneself ?
What would be the best way to die ?
Is man a wolf for man ?
If spatial conquest never takes off, what will the future be like ?
Arent all heavens artificial ?
Is life on this planet a miraculous hazard, or the result of evolution ?
What is there beyond the limits of the universe ?
Wouldnt it be better, sometimes, to be blind and deaf ?
How can you possibly judge someone else ?
Is creation vanity or accomplishment ?
Why did Thatcher exist ?
What are the basic rights of everyone ?
How could you accept that someone makes a choice for yourself ?
Why being vegetarian ?
Do you need enemies ?
Does each question need the same space to answer ?
Is the Statue of Liberty more than a statue ? Should you always look for total efficiency and zero waste ?
To dream, why ?
Is adaptability the best chance of man ?
Why "Rosebud" ?
Is immortality wishable ?
What part of a life can be seen as useful, interesting, creative ?
Can you hope ?
Is it really reasonnable ?