The UCK project

UCK (Ultima Construction Kit) is a complete system to create and play roleplaying game in the Ultima style. All the programs allow to put up everything you need in a game : non player characters, monsters, objects (weapons, armors, food, magical items...), enigmas, traps...

The style is the one of the old Ultimas (4, 5, 6), with a keyboard game. The graphical level could be easily upgraded to have an isometric view as in Ultima 7.

The whole game and programs are in english, to allow for easy transfer.

The first UCK version, having taken some years to be achieved, was up at the beginning of 97, and I didnt move on recently. Some roleplaying elements are to be included, like levels, experience, magic, skills, but also navigation, "travellers", and so on.

I give you here the "player" side of UCK, with the first scenario "Flowers for Mirza", that helped validating the first step of the project. The other side is to be used by the "developper" who builds a complete world.

The scenario is easy, and should take about one hour to be done. To have the list of active commands, hit I in the game. Moves and directions for actions are given with the numeric keypad. Players used to the Ultima system should feel at home.

The developer part of UCK lacks a few help files, and a tutorial that I have to do. But its not that complicated. With the first scenario structure you should get an idea.

This "player" pack, and the scenario are totally freeware, you are invited to distribute it widely, the aim being to get comments and ideas in return. The whole thing was done using Borland's Turbo Pascal 1.5 for Windows de Borland, let them bask in their glory.

Here are a few screenshots of UCK, to get a better idea :

Download UCK (one install file, 900 Ko) on the download page.