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Here's some help...

Java :
You probably need to have the java plugin installed to save your games. You shouldnt need any plugin to be able to play without saving. I am not sure of either of these points, because I dont have the time to test, and regarding the number of days I spent simply to be able to save anything, I dont want to spend any more on this. Java doesnt fulfill the promise to run anywhere once a code is written, as far as I know.

To get the latest java plugin, go to http://java.sun.com/getjava/download.html, or get the latest runtime environment at http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html.
Sorry for the inconvenience I am not responsible of :p.

Keys :
  arrows    Move and attack
.  Wait
*  Enter and exit inventory
enter  Use object or stair, or wait  
/  Drop object (in inventory)
m  Display and exit map
f  Fire with bow

You are an adventurer exploring an underground dungeon, filled with monsters, strange objects, but also treasures !
Your goal is to gather the maximum amount of gold and survive as long as possible. There are six different dungeon levels right now, 9 more to come.
You grab objects by walking on them, if you are not overloaded, and attack monsters by moving towards them.
In the inventory, you can use any object, drinking it if its a potion, readying it if its a weapon, etc. You can also drop objects on the ground.

Be careful about using objects ! The effect might not always be beneficial ! You can identify objects with the appropriate scroll, if you have it... or try your luck.

Ingame :
When you play the game, you should get a line of data at the bottom of the screen, starting with this one :
Lev 1 Gold 0 Hp 12/12 Dex 14 Str 16 Armor 6 Exp 1/0
Explanations :
  Lev 1    The dungeon level you are in, going deeper and deeper
  Gold 0    The gold you gathered
  Hp 12/12    Your hit points, current and maximum
  Dex 14    Your dexterity, the higher the more chances to hit
  Str 16    Your strength, the higher the more damage you inflict, and the more objects you carry
  Armor 6    Your armor value, the higher the more protected you are
  Exp 1/0    Your experience level, and the number of experience points you won