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Play the game ! JARS

News !
I finally received some rating approval from Jars, after about a year of waiting ! So I can finally change the logo up there ! The game itself is pretty much the same, I hope you like it.

As my host changed its servers, the game was out for a long time. But a bit of kicking in the butt still does wonders ! And its on again. The java "twouble" is still on though, you need the latest to play the game...

Another week, it seems the save feature depends on the plug in or runtime environment you have installed. I havent got enough time to test this, and get it working anywhere : that's Sun's job, not mine here.
The multiplayer system is working, I am now implementing it into the Moria code. Should be allright this week end...
Please report me any bug you encounter, detailing your system and browser.
If you are fluent in languages other than english and french, and would like to translate the game texts, tell me.
If you want to draw some sprites for the game, be welcome !

A week later... Still working on the save feature !! Indeed this is a dust web in the java langage, and a great source of incompatibility between machines, java versions, and OS. Great job Sun. So this is now, like, the 50th version of my saving function. Perhaps it works :p
But at least now under JRE1.4 I can start reading / writing multiple times, and thus start testing the multiplayer version !

Bows and arrows are implemented, look at the help to know how to use them. Almost all items are implemented now, all scrolls, all wands, all rings, a few potions are missing.
One large source of problem is that scores often dont get registered, this *should* be fixed.

The game is now under test for about a week, and can be accessed by anyone. It may still not be very stable, but overall it looks ok, only a few gameplay bugs are active. Look at the Help section to know how to play.

Most of the gameplay has been coded : moving, attacking, inventory, levels generation, monsters AI, most of the objects (weapons, armors, magical objects...), stairs, traps, hunger and thirst, map, hall of fame, rpg levels, statistics, lines of vision, fog of war...