Back to the E3 at last !

Going from your hotel to the E3 is a matter of class. You can go on foot, in a cadillac, or in a stretched humvee. I chose to go on foot.

Let's start with Ubi's booth, with quite a few good games on display. The best were hidden from sight however, and you hide to enter theaters to watch Splinter 3 and Brother in arms.

The main entrance to the booth hosted a large screen, which regularly attracted crowds.

A part of the attraction was the booth babes, here the ones from Prince of Persia 2.

Okay, but the E3 is about games right ? Here was Splinter 2.

Lineage 2 seemed nice, but its video trailer was just short of impressive, and of the usual Blizzard quality.

I had to see Rome, on a personal and professional level, and it was up to expectations. The real strategy game of the show.

Brother in arms, from Gearbox, seem due to be the best tactical squad shooter.

World of Warcraft could be a revolution in MMO, or just another one in the line.

Here was a small but nice game, Alter Life, with a Windwaker-like graphic style.

Viewtiful Joe 2 still combines bullet time and acceleration technics, on a crazy visual style. The level design seemed to be quite awful though, and you highly needed the show crew to help you.

For the fans, the Warhammer 40k universe is true to its roots in Dawn of War. Plenty of Eldar to crush to pulps.

Here are a few more shots of booths, the one from SNK.

The entry to the Xbox own showfloor was using a booth space by itself.

And led to a sort of games supermarket, with a few jewels like Republic Commando.

The Activision booth was nice too, with Spiderman 2.

The E3 means a lot of alleys, either shiny and bright, full of colors, for the main south hall.

Or quite dull and cubicle-like, for the closed doors of the backlot of the Kentya hall (okay it was also slightly past the closing time).

In the people you could meet at E3 were Ilya and Oleg Maddox, demoing Pacific Fighters.

Or Ilya and myself :p

A bit more babes, here from Capcom...

or the blond twins from the Coors beers.

This year a lot of soldiers on the floor...

Really a lot !

Probably way too many.

A part dedicated to the future Sony portable console, the PSP, here is the part from Sony's booth for the PSP.

The screen quality is quite unbelievable, you will easily watch movies on the stuff.

Or you can play games too, its not too small but very well designed (and take into account I hate Sony).

A last booth shot, from the part titled "Into the pixel : an exhibition of art from games". High quality screens were displayed as paintings.

You could find strange people on the showfloor. Here you have Matthieu getting mad playing Cold Fear.

And Marc, actually preparing for the show, for his Matrix appearance.

And to conclude, Oleg sayz "I'm so tired !". Its over Oleg, see you in LA next year !