One more week in in Hong Kong

I got to visit Enlight just before the E3 2000, a few more pictures of the place !

The Admiralty district and the Bank of China

A traditional boat in the busy harbour

A new sight of scaffoldings, around a dozen floors here !

A good deal of the buildings here are old or even derelict

A new sight of the buildings forest hitting the mountain

A few nice buildings

A classic street sight

Another ambiant sight

The Admiralty district


and turning on the right.

Back walking with the sky filled out by buildings

and with some strange encounters !

A better view of HK by night

with the Bank of China again

and the only fish in the region at its feet !

Lamma island

I visited Lamme Island this time, mostly a vast forest landscape, with some houses

The harbour

The 3 towers you could almost see in the first photos...

belong to the giant electrical power station.

Very few inhabited areas

mostly paths in the nature, with a temple in the clouds

The local police

A baobab, apparently

and a view of south HK, from Lamma island.
There was quite a few clouds, but a good part was probably due to pollution.