A day in Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is a small island, of around two square kilometers, about one hour of slow ferry away from the central part of HK. It really is another face of the town, although there is still a lot of people on a small place. But without buildings or cars, it is a fair change.

Right after leaving the ferry from Central, here is a view of the harbour of Cheung Chau, a sight that may remind easily of any fishing village. You hardly believe you are still in HK

The youth of CC playing a mix of basket and football in front of a small temple.

Closeup on the roof of the temple

Down in the streets of CC, where no car or indeed no engine can be seen. Huh, well why is there a Mobil sign here then ?!

A small place that is also the center of the very small island, where yet more than 20.000 persons live crammed together.

East of the place is a sacred tree.

One of the beaches of CC, here looking north...

...and south, with the hotel in the background. You can barely see on the left, far, far away on another island, is a huge power station. The tree chimneys are easily a hundred meters high.

Among the hills southern of the city and the richest houses of CC is a temple dedicated to a war general living 20 centuries ago.

A sports field between the hills

A view down on a more common sight for HK, old housing clutters.

In the walking path lining through the south of the island can be seen this (unusual for HK) typical asian-looking small spot for rest.

The extremely packed cemetary of the island, also horrifyingly uniform looking.

A view of the harbour and the village from a quite high spot along the walking path.

All constructions are done with bamboo scaffoldings, a somewhat frightening sight for the unsuspecting european traveller (especially when its 200m above the ground). Here you can see a mix of steel material with the classical bamboo system.

On the southern shore of the island, one of the common TH temples, goddess of the sea farers.

Close up on the goddess statue.

The sun setting on the island...

...and the return to the village center.