If I've been two weeks in Hong Kong, it was in fact to work on game development with the team of Enlight Software, lead by Trevor Chan, the man behind Capitalism and the Seven Kingdoms serie.
Have first three shots of the 100 or so square meters of the office (with a low ceiling).

I was working at the abandoned desk of Fiona Hau (who left for Yahoo HK), and in front of me were Ban Tam and Gilbert Luis, the coding brains of Enlight.

Chris Whitehouse, the only american in Enlight, pretending very hard to work (nice acting !).

People preparing for a common shot. I like to surprise people before they are really ready.

Wilson, Michael and Ban exiting the Great Smart Tower (tough name for a building to work in !). Just in front is the Charterhouse Hotel, where I was sleeping. As you can calculate, I didnt have much to travel to get to Enlight, 19 floors to fall, a small but dangerous street to cross, and 14 floors to climb.

And... the great smart Tower itself. Not really great looking, but the Vietnamese consulate likes it, and resides just above Enlight.