Some general views

The northern limit of HK island isnt a nice sand beach, or a fishing harbour, but something more "urban", and large and busy road, opening on the sea on one side, and blocked by a cliff of skycrapers. The only way to pass is on flying walks, and this is frequent in the whole city. Well, actually you can try to cross the roads, but your life insurance wouldnt want to know about it then !

Further down the road, more road, more cars...

Quite a few buildings are erected on the slopes of the mountains, resulting in a forest of concrete.

The legislative council, just on the side of Statue Square.

On the side of the street in Wan Chai.

Somewhere in the middle of the street in Central.

A view of Aberdeen, the southern part of HK island, seen from Ocean Park.

A typical shopping mall.

A lineup of buildings, probably in Wan Chai district. This should go in the classical sights of the city, as this is really what you see everywhere everytime.

A shot along Nathan Road, with the Mosquee being so white that it almost disappeared completely in the picture.

This is taken in the Kowloon park, a large park with a few trees, where buildings seem to grow out of the trees indeed.

These two shots were made in the Hong Kong park, a nice design if quite unnatural, with some good visits like an aviary. All of this being in the very back of the bank of china.

The best way to ride through HK is probably to get a tram and see the city strolling slowly around you, from one corner to the other.