Nathan Road

Nathan Road in Kowloon is the busiest shop street of the city, something like Oxford st in London, the 5th Av in New York, or the Rivoli St in Paris. The number of shops, customers, tourists here can get impressive. Nathan was a former british governor who ordered the layout of the street long ago, long before tourists were even invented. Each shot is taken about 500 meters away or so north of the previous one.

The end of the street, which was formely ending in the harbour, the southern tip.

This part of the street is called "the golden mile", a bit wider than the rest on the left part, the name is said to relate to the power of the area to empty the pockets of people around.

Here is a bit on the side of Nathan Road, in the district of Mongkok, crammed with people. It is said to be one of the most densely populated area on the planet.