Remaining night shots

As I said, all my fifty or so night shots have screwed up. But it would be worse not to show whats remaining and try to give a feeling of the night sights of the city, even if the shots do not show much. Leave the rest to imagination ! You will be able to see dozens, hundreds, thousends of people roaming around, the mini buses flashing by light mad, you will smell the food frying around, and the fish skins drying in the open. And you will know you are in Hong Kong.
What you can see on the shots are the few signs that made it enough to impress the film. Bear in mind that for each of these, about ten are not lit (or not enough), and 100 people are below it.

This one is related to the huge Yue Hwa store on Nathan road, selling chinese products, or so they claim to the tourists.