Bamboo scaffoldings !

A terrifying sight for the european newcomer is the scaffoldings made entirely of raw bamboo, and some shoestring ropes to tie them. The concept can be endured when the scaffoldings are about 10 meters high at maximum, but when you see the thing going along a new skycraper 60 or 70 storeys high, then you dont want to know about it !!
Here are three shots 10 minutes apart, on a side of the cultural and art museum, on the seashore of Kowloon. I was witness to a scaffolding being wrapped up, in less than one hour a dozen of guys, jumping unsecured from bamboo to bamboo, were cutting the "shoestrings", getting the bamboos apart, giving them to fellows below, and letting them loose on the floor.
As heard from a guy in HK, the system is cheap and easy, so its safe ! Add to the total the possibility that some bamboos loosen up on their own, and spear the unsuspecting citizens below !

Yes, thats my finger on the shots ! I will mourn for this stupidity.