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Megalo - the political game of power

Download the version (3 mo)

The gameplay is very quick to grasp : you just have to convince most people in a town and get elected. To do that, you stop nearby them and they listen to you. Your ability to convince them takes into account your progress so far, your and their social class, and other elements discovered in the game.

The city is divided into districts that you must conquer as in any strategy game : find the best way each time and repel your opponents ! They have their strengths and weaknesses, study them and use your experience !

I coded the whole lot in less than two weeks thanks to Kamron's Game Incubator !

Here are a few screenshots from the prototype version that you can download :

You play as the blue character, and you can be any social class depending on the setting of the scenario. The map is at the bottom left, with conquered district turned to the color of the player who controls them.

This is a more complex city, with me controlling 5 districts so far, and gathering 40% of the votes. If I conquer two more districts that should be a victory !

Close-up of the player, and the smaller normal citizens. The one on the right is currently being turned to my opinion. Just a bit more time !