Two weeks in Moscow

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Let's start with a somewhat very biased view of Russia : the statue of Karl Marx, "Workers from all countries unite !".

The statue is located just in front the Bolshoi (meaning, "large", which it really isnt) theater.

The Bolshoi at night.

Across the streets, only a few commercials, here is one for cigarettes.

This photo is dedicated to the 1C russian company, with which I'm working, this here being a tiny shop selling their software.

A lot of small but delightful churches around in Moscow, and I didnt even get to really search them all.

This is the former military academy building, in front of our hotel, across one of the gigantic (but ever-cluttered) avenues.

In the luxury shopping street, this stands for 'Hermes - Paris'.

A typical russian street.

The huge Christmas tree, in front of the Bolshoi.

You dont see limos quite as much as in the US, but still more than in Paris !

Let's finish this serie with some views of the jewel of Moscow : St Basil's cathedral. It is seven churches built on top of each other, with the usual russian style of towers and bulbs.

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