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The news

I went one week long in New York at the end of may, just before the World Cup, and came back with quite a lot of photos !

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I have a brief summary of my projects and makings on the page of my presentation, and the detail is on each corresponding page.
For easyness's sake all downloadable files are on one page accurately named downloads.
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!! Beware !! You can find the meaning of life somewhere on this site !!
If you dont find it you can yet have a look at these questions :), or have a quizz on cinema.

Latest update : 06th january 2002

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Some day :
Empire : turn by turn strategy
Realms : the email game !
MD : the most stupid RPG (to be translated)

Updates :
10/06/02 : New York photos
06/01/02 : Tunisia photos
09/01 : presentation and productions
21/06/00 : projects and concepts
23/05/00 : E3 2000 photos
15/04/00 : update resume/projects
31/01/00 : Hong Kong photos
03/08/98 : A map of Tschaļ and one of Gor
30/07/98 : The minesweeper seen by Dib
07/07/98 : UCK is online, Realms 1.1
30/06/98 : site launch