Dib himself

I am now over 30 years old, and came back to Ubisoft (one word only now) mid-2003, at rather the same job I had when leaving : producer. So I am in touch with foreign dev studios, rather much more to the east than before. The only announced project is the next in the serie of IL2 : Battle of Britain, developped by 1C.

Beginning of 2003, after some months without a job, I could enter Microids as a producer. I have been working mostly on Obscure, developped by Hydravision, by also on some ports, and a few things done at the canadian studio. The company was bought in june by Emmanuel Olivier, who also bought back Wanadoo Editions, of which he was the former boss.

I also worked as production director at Planet from september 2001 to the society closing at mid march 2002. There was around ten projects at the same time, all on AGB. I had worked a lot with Planet during my Ubi Soft period, on CGB productions.

Before that I was project manager at Kalisto Paris during a year. I was in charge of two projects, that is two teams in parallel. There was an educational game on PSX and PC with a very short production run, Adibou and the Green Shadow, for Cocktel/Havas/Vivendi (published as needed in september 2001), and an arcade game on PS2 and GC, with a longer run, Halloween, for Wanadoo (to be published by the end of 2002). I also concluded New York Race CGB, also for Wanadoo.

I've worked at Ubi Soft three years, first as a game designer around one year on a management game project, and after end '98 I worked in the 3rd Party department, with Ubi's partners like Criterion or Westka, following their internal developments, which eventually are published by Ubi. More recently I took care of Philos Labs and Enlight.

I graduated in the the management school of Pau (ESC Pau), and I live in the 20th Paris "district".

I did a new-style presentation and resume that you can explore here.
You can also get a more formal corresponding doc here.
Here is also a more classical resume.

The whole lot of websites I developped.

You can find more on the games I worked on.

Here is the list of game concepts I wrote.

The games I played the most.

A good view of my personal projects.

You can send me mail here : fcambounet@yahoo.com

I recently lost around 25 kgs, you might be interested in knowing how !