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Welcome to muad.com !

  • To play the Middle Earth game nothing beats MeToo, in order to manage one's nation and orders through the web ! Now available in downloadable version !

  • Go check the sound of Wax ;) Many songs free to download !

  • I completed the prototype version of Megalo, a political game of strategy and action. Download it for a try ! There's a complete tutorial, and you play with a simple mouse.

  • If you are interested in history, I typed my grandfather war book (in french) on the first World War of 1914-18, where he volunteered at age 17. Have a look and read it !

  • I also put a small site for all my pictures from around the world.

  • There is also all my graphic novels presentation around here now, in a more convenient site.

  • The online games are still around here, go play Moria !

Animal of the day

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Go have a look at my elder (but nice !) homepage The Academy.

-Updated 10th april 2008-
Muad Dib
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