One morning in the Universal studios park

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As I was staying across the Universal Hilton and a free morning, I strolled over to Universal Studio's Park, which are really a kind of attraction park with somethink about movies on the top.
Here is the entrance to the park, with on this early morning a flock of japanese tourists.

These two photos are really outside the park, a sort of mini-town dedicated to the glory of Universal and their movies, a glazing over a mountain of shops, souvenirs, cafes, restaurants, and even a movie theater.

The most interesting part is the visit of the backlot itself, with dozens of closed studios for indoor shooting, and the whole lot of buildings for outside shots, like western-era or modern streets. This is really like a living city, with its own zip code. You can even spot deers around the houses.

A somewhat classical california shot : blue sunny sky, palm trees, a luxurious hotel...

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