MeToo : Middle-Earth Tool for Overcoming Opposition

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Latest version
1.11, 21st november 2014

Download MeToo (full version)

Download MeToo (upgrade only)

Install Notes

  • Choose 'full version' to start a complete install, or 'upgrade only' if you already have MeToo installed and want to upgrade to the latest version
  • Download and Unrar the latest version
  • Upload all the files to your ftp
  • You can place the 'MeToo' folder anywhere, but the three 'zzz...' files MUST be at the ftp's root
  • Open 'zzzfilebuild.php' from the website's root - this file builds the list of files
  • To avoid this code listing other directories and subdirs, place an empty "zzzdir.txt" file at the base of any such directory
  • Access '/MeToo' from the website
  • Register, check your mail to get the password and login on MeToo
  • Access the admin page with the default password being 'adminpass'
  • Change the admin page password

  • MeToo is now installed !

  • You can create a game from the admin page
  • The first time you enter a game, the map tiles will be created, this operation only happens once

  • Technical notes

  • Upgrade vs full version
    The upgrade version does not contain these files : access.csv, accesslog.csv, gamelist.csv, names.csv, userlist.csv, warning.csv.

  • Changelog

  • 1.10, 21st november 2014
    Map display debug (removed accentuated characters from file names).
    You need to start zzzfilebuild.php again.

  • 1.09, 4th january 2007
    Relation/neutrals debug.
    Update of popup function.
    Added new mark for "no pop center scouted" (you need to start zzzfilebuild.php again).

    This version was lost ! I didnt backup it enough :(

  • 1.08, 17th july 2006
    Small debug of magic window.
    Small debug of army window.
    Small debug of help window.
    Included dll updater (you need to start zzzfilebuild.php again).
    Debugged tile display under IE.

  • 1.07, 11th july 2006
    Suppressed error message if hub is offline.
    Added mark for no population (you need to start zzzfilebuild.php again).
    Added possibility to create fortifications without pop center.

  • 1.06, 27th june 2006
    Corrected hero extraction when in desert.

  • 1.05, 7th mar 2006
    Corrected a data file update mistake from a previous update.

  • 1.04, 5th mar 2006
    Corrected validation mail bug.
    Corrected global analysis window bug.

  • 1.03, 19th feb 2006
    Added admin option to have enemy values starting over at each turn.
    Corrected persisting orders display bug.
    Corrected bug linked with ' in names.

  • 1.02, 7th feb 2006
    Corrected a character name not being replaced correctly.

  • 1.01, 3rd feb 2006
    Corrected bugs related to installation folder.

  • 1.0 RC, 1st feb 2006
    This is the first version (release candidate).

  • Planned changes

  • extract rumors
  • add to the artefact monitoring the battle results
  • BIG : add a 3 to 5 turns evolution to the analysis window
  • BIG : calculate battle results then add changes to the map
  • BIG : access to the log change for modifications

  • Report bugs + requests

    To report any bug or request a feature, please send a mail to this adress


    This application is opensource software released under the GPL. A copy of the licence can be viewed here. Copies of the licence are also contained within the package. This package and its contents are Copyright 2006 Fabrice Cambounet, All Rights Reserved.

    Translation packs

    At this time only english and french are integrated into MeToo.
    Should you wish to integrate another language, please contact

    Translating into another language means translating these files (adding a new column with a new language or creating a file copy) :
    metoo_loc.csv, orders.csv, artefacts.csv, map_names.csv, suppress_uk.csv, replace_uk.csv, replace_troops_uk.csv.


    To be developped.