MeToo : Middle-Earth Tool for Overcoming Opposition

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What does it do ?

  • It can extract any useful information from a turn feedback of the game, and save it to be displayed on the general map.

  • It can gather all turn feedbacks from a group of player, to share the information they want to share.

  • It can help setting a path for an army, taking all details into consideration.

  • It can calculate the strength of an army, and the defense value of a town.

  • It lists all game elements for quicker location by hex number.

  • It can help optimize battle strategies.

  • It can plot enemy positions (captured towns, armies, heroes).

  • It calculates everyone's financial situation to plan ahead the economy.

  • It displays visible zones for each race and for alliances.

  • It can export a gif file of the current map for easy printing.

  • It can show the range of movement for a character.

  • It displays a specific icon for dragons :).

  • It can plot artefacts' position or supposed position.

  • It calculates the balance of power in each region.

  • It can extract from orders the movement of armies and characters to display them on the map.

  • Screenshots

    Main menu


    Editing the map content


    Global check

    Balance of power